Bentonville GeekCon 2019

Saturday, May 4, 9 AM-2PM

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Main Events

Fun with Physics- 9:30 AM

Join Kevin Lyon from the University of Arkansas Physics Department for a presentation filled with fun physics centered experiments! Kevin will demonstrate physics concepts in a fun and exciting way!

David Kersey, Animation Presentation- 10:30 AM

David Kersey worked for the Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures on films such as The Polar Express, the Chronicles of Narnia, Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen.  David also worked on two academy award winning production teams for Frozen and the short film Feast.  Join us to learn more about the exciting world of animation!

Party on the Porch & Comic Giveaway!- 11:30 AM

Join us for the Party on the Porch! Get your free comic bag and then enjoy a free lunch provided by Jimmy John's and cookies provided by the Satellite Rotary Club of Bentonville.

Make Your Dreams Come True! Ard Hoyt, Illustrator- 12:30 PM

Ard Hoyt learned at a young age that he could go anywhere in a picture book – his dream was to be a children’s book illustrator. He was also influenced early on by comic books and graphic novels and all of their adventures. Join us to learn how comics and illustrators are related and how they can help make dreams come true! 

Grand Finale! Galactic Hero Training: Train to be a Jedi with Everyone's Favorite Galactic War Heroes!- 2 PM

Celebrate “May the Fourth be With You” by learning to be a Galactic Superhero to save the world!


More GeekCon Fun!

Masha and the Bear Storytimes- 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM

Masha and the Bear will be here in person to present Masha and the Bear Storytimes! Enjoy a 5-minute clip from the hit Netflix show and then share in one of Masha's exciting adventures!

Baby Mouse- 9 AM-2PM

Baby Mouse will be making appearances throughout the day!

Kids' Geeky Science Activities- 10 AM-2PM

Station 1- Physics- Paper Airplanes

Station 2- Physics- Catapults

Station 3- Biology- Water on a Penny

Station 4- Meteorology- Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

Costume Giveaway- 9 AM- while supplies last

Grab a costume to take home! Halloween Costumes generously sponsored by Rubie's, Palamon, and Goodmark. While supplies last, quantities are limited. Most costumes are for young girls.

Geeky Crafts

Drop in for Geeky Crafts! While supplies last.

Dice Necklace- 9 AM- while supplies last

Chainmaille jewelry with Chris Hartley, the Ringbearer- 11 AM- 2 PM

Plus take home crafts!

And more!

Photo booth, games, vendors, and door prizes! 


Event Guide



Bentonville GeekCon's mission is to bring the community together through a common interest in all things geeky.



Bentonville Public Library (BPL) first participated in Free Comic Book Day in 2013. With attendance and interest growing exponentially each year, BPL has decided to expand the program and create Bentonville GeekCon featuring Free Comic Book Day, a library centered convention that promotes literacy and creativity through graphic novels and pop culutre. On GeekCon, BPL kicks off the annual Summer Reading Club.

This event is for all ages! Come dressed in your favorite costume and join others just like you. GeekCon has free comics, games, door prizes, workshops, panels, and more!

GeekCon is a Children's Book Week Official event.


Support Bentonville GeekCon

Volunteers, donors, sponsorships, and in-kind gifts support Bentonville GeekCon. How can you help?

  • Donate to the Friends of the Bentonville Library and specify Bentonville GeekCon
  • Sponsor a session or program
  • Volunteer
  • Help spread the word

For more information about Bentonville GeekCon or if you are interested in participating contact:

Heather Hays, Event Organizer


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