Tech Loans


1) What is the Library’s Wi-Fi network?

COB (City of Bentonville) Wi-Fi.


2) What if I don’t have Wi-Fi in my house?  Will the iPads and eReaders still work?

Yes, you will still have access to the internet with the iPads even if you do not have Wi-Fi in your house since the iPads have cellular connectivity.  Unfortunately, the eReaders do not have cellular connectivity and will need Wi-Fi to access the internet.  However, all patrons will have access to all preloaded books on the eReaders.


3)  Can I save files to the Laptop?

We respectfully request that you save your files to a flash drive to protect your privacy.  Any information stored on the computer’s hard drive will be wiped clean after your session ends. 


4)  Can I extend my time with the Laptop?

Yes, we can extend your session after the allotted five hours as long as no other patrons are waiting for the device.


5)  Can I use a flash drive and/or CD/DVD on the Laptop?

Yes, you can use a flash drive on the Laptops, but the devices are not compatible with CDs/DVDs.


6) How do I transport the Telescope?
When transporting the telescope in a car, please secure it with a seat belt as displayed in the instruction manual.

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