Libraries allow for discovery, growth and learning in children.  It is important, however, to remember that the Library is a public facility.  

Children under the age of 10 years old should not be left unsupervised in any area of the library.

  • As parents/guardians, you are responsible for your child?s use of the Library and its resources. 
  • The Library does not have a specific responsibility to care for, or to watch out for children left unattended in its facilities.
  • Parents or guardians must sit with young children, under the age of 5, when they use the Library?s computers.
  • Young children cannot be left in the Children?s department while the parent or guardian uses other areas of the Library.
  • Children utilizing the library independently, or accompanied by parent or guardian, are expected to use good library behavior. 
  • If an unattended youth behaves in a disruptive manner, the young patron may be warned, and if behavior continues, asked to leave the Library.
  • Children who have not been picked up at closing time will be given the opportunity to call a parent.  Children not picked up within fifteen minutes after closing will be left in the care of the Bentonville Police Department.

We want to maintain the youth space for children?s exclusive enjoyment.  For the safety and comfort of our youth, only adults accompanied by children should read and lounge in the Children?s Library.

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