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Library Fines & FeesĀ 

Bentonville Public Library is committed to providing quality services, with minimal costs to our patrons. However, library staff are also committed to protecting the investment of our materials and will pass associated costs along to patrons, when necessary.

Basic Fines

$0.10 / Day per Item Overdue Fee

$2 per Item Maximum Overdue Fee

$5 Processing Fee for Damaged Items

Purchase Price, plus $5 for Lost / Damaged Items (non-repairable, incl water/mold)

Cost-Recovery Fees

$15 Non-Resident Card, Annual, per Household

$1 Replacement Library Card

$0.15 / Page Copy/Print - Black & White

$0.30 / Page for Print - Color (Color copying not available)

$2 Interlibrary Loan per Item

$10 Tech Fee (Meeting Rooms)

Various for Misc Purchase ItemsĀ 

Collection Agency

Patrons owing the Library outstanding fines/fees may be subject to submission to a collection agency. If this action occurs, a $10.00 administrative cost-recovery fee that is non-negotiable and non-refundable will be charged to the account.

Suspension of Privileges

$5 Maximum Fines & Fees per Individual

$50 Maximum Fines & Fees for Families or Households

All Fines and Fees must be Paid in Full at Annual Card Renewal