Li'l Library in the Park

Bentonville Public Library is spreading our mission to promote literacy across Bentonville with Li'l Libraries, and our debut project could not have landed in a better place.

Lake Bentonville Park was chosen as the first installation site because many families come here to play, relax by the water or look to the sky! It’s the perfect home for Li'l Library #1.

Li'l Libraries in the Park honor the surrounding area and history of the location, demonstrating spirited designs and creative construction that tells a beautiful story…much like the stories Libraries have shared throughout history.

About the Design

Li'l Library in the Park #1 was designed and constructed by local artisan Randy Townzen with fabrication assistance from Don Barnett. The Library is grateful for these gentlemen's hard work and commitment to our project.


The art is constructed of word, metal, PVC, plexiglass, hardware paint and polyester. It was custom-designed just for Bentonville Public Library!

This playful design celebrates the wonder of flight, our municipal airport and gives a nod to our very own Louise M. Thaden, aviation pioneer. We hope books in this Lil’ Library will allow you and your family to soar!

About the Project

  • The project was selected by Mayor Stephanie Orman as a “Bright Idea” initiative in 2022.
  • Special thanks to our partners in the Bentonville Parks & Recreation department for their collaboration and Friends of the Bentonville Library for supporting the book collection.
  • Because Libraries promote the idea of sharing, please feel free to take a book or leave one to share with the community.
  • Approved by the Library Advisory Board, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Public Art Advisory Board and Bentonville City Council.


  • Q: Can we take books home? A: Yes, books are free to take home.
  • Q: Can we donate books to the Li'l Library? A: Yes, books can be donated. Please consider the subject matter or content when adding books to the collection.
  • Q: Does BPL service the Li'l Library? A: Yes, staff will check the Li'l Library for stock and content on a regular basis.
  • Q: Are there more Li'l Libraries in the Park? A: Li'l Library #1 is a pilot project; future sites will be considered, as appropriate.
  • Q: What is the purpose of this project? A: We believe that providing books is an ideal way to foster a love of reading, and what better way than to sprinkle them in public parks around our beautiful city?
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