September 10 - October 15, 2022

All About TM4K

What was it?

A traveling museum-quality exhibition for 1st - 6th grade came to BPL for display from September 10 - October 15. Through a community-market-themed storyline, digital interactive content and other hands-on activities, the exhibition explored topics like earning, saving and spending money as well as making responsible financial decisions.

The Thinking Money for Kids exhibit included seven stations or activities, each representing a unique aspect of money and finance. Geared towards students in 1st - 6th grade, this exhibit used technology and hands-on activities to teach kids the art of saving, spending, trading, and investing.


Kids could put themselves in the shoes of someone needing to make hard decisions about budgeting or they could pretend they had free money to buy anything in the world. (The answers to the free money were much more interesting.) 


Alongside the exhibit, families and kids could take home short stories that presented situations in which characters made decisions about spending or saving. They also had access to information about the programs and events in coordination the with exhibit that happened throughout its duration.



Thank you to all that visited TM4K!

Programming and Events

Educator Sneak-Peek

Educators were invited to see the exhibit before it officially opened. They were encouraged to use the ideas in the exhibit in their own classrooms to teach their students financial literacy. We had teachers from many grades as well as specialty instructors. The event included a professional development workshop in collaboration with Economics Arkansas led by Jennifer Taunton, Gifted and Talented Facilitator for the Springdale School District.

Thinking Money for Kids: Exhibit Grand Opening

To celebrate the opening of the exhibit at the Library, the Children's Department hosted the Grand Opening event. Children's Librarian Ms. Christina cut the ribbon to officially open the exhibit, allowing children and families of all ages to explore the multiple stations included in Thinking Money for Kids (TM4k).


The opening event included a money-themed family storytime, an arts and craft time and money bingo with prizes for winners! Kids were able to paint their own piggy bank to take home and practice saving. 


This event saw dozens of families at the exhibit within a few hours and prepared for the next month of fun!


World Bazaar Finale

The end of Thinking Money for Kids came all too soon and we couldn't let this fun

 exhibit finish without a big finale. The Children's Department created the World Bazaar, a global-themed market where kids could visit stations with people from around the world to learn more about different cultures and purchase their goods or services. 


Each child was given a budget, that they would have to spend wisely as it purposefully wouldn't afford them access to all of the stations. They could then earn the money needed to visit the rest to collect stamps from each county and fill their passport. Each kid took home special gifts from different cultures.


This wonderful event saw hundreds exploring the Library and exploring the world, a fitting end to the exhibit.


In the end, more than 3,900 patrons participated in TM4K activities. Thank you to the American Library Association and FINRA Foundation for making BPL part of this fantastic opportunity!


Thinking Money for Kids was developed by the American Library Association Public Programs Office in collaboration with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, whose support made this exhibition possible.

A free multicultural arts and education event for kids and families! Grab your BPL issued passport and travel the globe by visiting booths representing countries around the world. Learn about each country's culture and currency, create and buy products, and make connections across borders! 

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