Local Art Scavenger Hunt: Created by the 2020-2021 Teen Advisory Board

  • Clues by Loren, Summer, Lulu, James, Karina, Himani, and Ananya
  • Graphic Design by Summer
  • In conjuction with BPL's American Art book promotion.

Click here for a printable version of the scavenger hunt.

Keep scrolling to reveal the answer to each clue!

Fireflies, located at 100 NW 2nd St.


A Farmer's Dream, located at 801 SE 8th St.


Explorers, located at 207 NE 2nd St.


GO GO GO, located at 8th and J Tunnels


Decades Court, located at 401 NE Martin Luther King Jr. PKWY


Eye Mural, located at 410 SW A St.


Guide These, My Hands located at 400 S. Main St.


New to You, located at 203 NE A St.


This is Your Public Library, located at 405 S. Main St.

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