Grades 7-8


  • Explore the world through cultural information on more than 200 countries with World Edition
  • Explore the Unites States in colorful, engaging reports with States Edition
  • Tour all the Canadian provinces and territories with Provinces Edition

     eLibrary Curriculum Edition (Proquest)

  • Research paper topics
  • Literature collection
  • History collection

     eLibrary Science (Proquest)

  • Research thousands of full-text articles about science concepts
  • Students can browse easily with a topic search menu
  • The interactive feature allows students and educators to bring science to life!  

    Encyclopedia of Arkansas

  • History, geography, & culture of Arkansas
  • Media Galleries
  • This Day in Arkansas spotlight

     Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

  • Explore industries and careers
  • Learn specialized job skills
  • Discover jobs that best match
    your personal interests

     Issues and Controversies

  • List of Research Topics
  • Pros & Cons of Hot Topic Issues
  • Reliable Resources 

     Learning Express Library

  • Core subject practice reviews
  • ACT, SAT and AP test prep
  • Free eBook resources

     NoveList Plus

  • Fiction & Nonfiction
  • Articles & Reviews
  • Recommended Reads Lists

     Rosen Core Concepts Biology

  • Animal Systems
  • Ecology & Evolution
  • Plant Structures

     Rosen Core Concepts Chemistry

  • Atoms & Molecules
  • Biochemistry
  • Properties of Matter

     Rosen Core Concepts Periodic Table

  • Interactive Periodic Table
  • Element Builder
  • Explore matter

     Rosetta Stone

  • Over 30 foreign languages
  • Great for ESL Learners
  • 'Immersion method' learning

     World Book Advanced

  • Online encyclopedia
  • Comprehensive multimedia collections
  • Citation Builder and Research Guides

At-Home Use


  • American History
  • Brings history to life
  • Features defining moments in history


  • Award-winning True Books
  • Develops knowledge of subjects
  • Builds literacy skills & inquiry

  • 24/7 access to the SkillsCenter Resource Library
  • Variety of subjects
  • Tutors available from 3 - 10:00 PM Sunday through Saturday

A note about users will be prompted to make an account in order to access this resource. We suggest you use your library card number as your username and your PIN as your password. Also, each user is limited to ten sessions per week. This will ensure that access is fair and equitable.


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