Grades 9-12

     American History

  • 6,000 Illustrated Articles on People, Places & Events
  • Eras in American History, American Indians, States and U.S. Presidents, plus more!
  • Designed for Grade 4 and Up

     Bloom's Literary Reference Online

  • World Literature
  • Great writers & important works
  • Characters & summaries

     Countries and Cultures

  • Profiles on Countries of the World
  • Extended Histories, Fast Facts, Images, Economics, Foreign Affairs, plus Daily Life and Culture
  • Intro Material for Grades 4+ with Detailed Info for Higher Grade Students


  • Explore the world through cultural information on more than 200 countries with World Edition
  • Explore the Unites States in colorful, engaging reports with States Edition
  • Tour all the Canadian provinces and territories with Provinces Edition

     Defining Moments in U.S. History

  • 30+ "Moments" that Changed the Nation and the World
  • Narrative Overviews, Primary Source Documents, Images, Biographies, Timelines and Glossaries
  • Ideal for Middle, Junior HIgh and High School Students

    Education Journals (ProQuest)

  • Over 900 top educational publications with more than 600 full-text titles
  • Covers primary, secondary & higher education levels.
  • Also includes special education, homeschool and adult ed.

     eLibrary Curriculum Edition (Proquest)

  • Research paper topics
  • Literature collection
  • History collection

     eLibrary Science (Proquest)

  • Research thousands of full-text articles about science concepts
  • Students can browse easily with a topic search menu
  • The interactive feature allows students and educators to bring science to life!  


  • ACT and SAT prep
  • Video tutorials of problems
  • Create a study schedule

     Essential Biography

  • 10,000 Biographies of People from around the World
  • 2,000 Illustrations
  • Designed for Upper Middle School Students to Adult Learners

     Essential Information

  • Language, Literature, The Arts, History, Government and Science
  • Annotated U.S. Constitution, World Literature, The Arts and Social Science
  • Designed for Upper Middle School Students to Adult Learners

     Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

  • Explore industries and careers
  • Learn specialized job skills
  • Discover jobs that best match
    your personal interests

     Financial Literacy

  • Entrepreneurship and Career Skills
  • Personal Finance
  • Learning Tools, Calculators and Interactive Activities

     Issues and Controversies

  • List of research topics
  • Pros & cons of hot topic issues
  • Reliable resources

     Learning Express Library

  • Core subject practice reviews
  • ACT, SAT and AP test prep
  • Free eBook resources

  • Business, Software, Tech & Creative Industries
  • Achieve Personal & Professional Goals
  • A Library of Engaging & Top-Quality Courses Taught by Experts


  • 760 Greek & Roman Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Places & Events
  • Articles on World Mythology: Hindu, Norse, Chinese, Native American, etc.
  • Designed for Grades 4 to 12 with Easy Reading Feature for Younger Readers

     NoveList Plus

  • Fiction & Nonfiction
  • Articles & Reviews
  • Recommended Reads Lists

     Rosen Core Concepts Biology

  • Animal Systems
  • Ecology & Evolution
  • Plant Structures

     Rosen Core Concepts Chemistry

  • Atoms & Molecules
  • Biochemistry
  • Properties of Matter

     Rosen Core Concepts Periodic Table

  • Interactive Periodic Table
  • Element Builder
  • Explore matter

     Rosetta Stone

  • Over 30 foreign languages
  • Great for ESL Learners
  • 'Immersion method' learning


  • 1,000+ Web Pages and Hundreds of Images on Core K-12 Topics
  • Planets, Elements, Plants, Animals, Biomes, and more!
  • Designed for Grades 4 and Up

     SIRS Researcher

  • Relevant and Credible Resources for Student Research
  • Browse Trending Pro/Con Leading Issues
  • Search for Primary and Secondary Sources

     World Book Advanced

  • Online encyclopedia
  • Comprehensive multimedia collections
  • Citation Builder and Research Guides

At-Home Use

  • 24/7 access to the SkillsCenter Resource Library
  • Variety of subjects
  • Tutors available from 3 - 10:00 PM Sunday through Saturday

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