The American Dream Starts @ Bentonville Public Library

In 2013, Bentonville Public Library was awarded a second ?American Dream Starts @ your library? grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and American Library Association.  The $10,000 grant supported family literacy, specifically English Language Learner families in our community. 

- Many new materials were purchased for all reading levels including children, families, teens and adults.

- A product of this award, the Library hosted Family Literacy Days partnering with the ESL Department at the Bentonville Public Schools.

Dig Into Reading, Many Cultures, One Community and World of Water celebrated literacy, community and cultural diversity through music, special storytimes and fun activities. Other key events, such as Chinese New Year, Black History Month and Literacy Outreach to the Bentonville Public Schools featured literacy during the grant cycle. 

 - Refer BPL's American Dream report for more details.

Immigration Stories

American Dream stories were shared through digital interviews capturing immigration experiences. BPL's Teen Advisory Board developed the interview videos.  Special thanks to Sarah O. for appearing on camera with our esteemed interviewees!  Thank you to Maria, Fred and Octavio for sharing their special stories with Bentonville Library.  

2010 Grant

In 2010, Bentonville Public Library received an ?American Dream Starts @ your library? grant for $5,000.  This initiative allowed BPL to purchase new materials for our library collection.  We focused on civic engagement, adult basic literacy and English Language Learning materials.   

Success Story

Bentonville Public Library hosted a United States Naturalization Ceremony, our premiere event launching BPL?s grant initiative.  Our day at BPL was a shining example of what American Dreams are made of ? hope, faith and determination.  On Friday, May 14, 2010, 30 participants from 14 countries took the Oath of Allegiance in the library?s community room.  Countries represented:  Canada, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Iran, Laos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, Somalia, Syria and Vietnam.  

Meet Francisco and Ingrid Maldonado

-Originally from Guatemala -Lived in Los Angeles, CA for 15+ years -Married 8 years; small business owners

-Moved to Benton County, Arkansas almost 4 years ago

-Francisco is a local realtor and works part-time for a local community college, teaching GED classes to Spanish students

-Ingrid is studying to take the GED with future higher learning plans in elementary education


?The Naturalization Ceremony at Bentonville Library was amazing.  It was the realization of one dream and the beginning of another dream ? to continue our education and improve ourselves.  We are excited to vote!

 This is our American Dream!  We are a part of the Land of Opportunity.  We are Citizens of the Greatest Nation on Earth!?    - Francisco & Ingrid Maldonado, United States of America Citizens

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