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Public Libraries are champions for intellectual freedom and free exchange of ideas; public libraries provide a welcoming and safe space for everyone in the community.

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Bentonville Public Library (BPL) has adopted several policies supporting libraries as a forum for information and ideas prepared by the American Library Association:

BPL has a rich history of providing collections, services and programs that represent the wonderful diversity in our community.

Our collections and digital resources are well-reviewed and provide reliable information for patrons to explore, learn and grow about any topic that may interest them. Some titles in our collections may be considered controversial to some patrons, but they are provided to represent everyone in our community.

 About Bentonville Together

A City of Bentonville campaign that celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our community, initiated by Mayor Stephanie Orman in 2020.

 Library Databases

BPL’s databases and online resources featured on the Student Portal are accessible with a BPL library card, Temporary Internet Card and student Tech Card at bentonvillelibrary.org.

Many databases have content in other languages, and BPL offers three language-learning products: Little Pim, Mango Languages and Rosetta Stone.

  • BookFlix
    Picture books paired with non-fiction titles allow young readers to learn about ‘People and Places’ with a focus on influential African Americans throughout history.
     Grades K-4
  • American History
    Browse topics such as The Civil Rights Movement, The Holocaust and ‘Peoples of the U.S.’
  • Countries and Cultures
    Explore ‘Countries of the World’ to learn about history, government, people and other cultural topics.
  • Shapers of Society
    Read about Civil Rights Leaders and Human Rights Activists and other influential leaders in history.
     Grades 5-6
  • CultureGrams
    Information, graphics, videos and other illustrations highlight cultures across the world.
  • Defining Moments in U.S. History
    Includes timelines and detailed information about historical events with direct links to topics such as Immigration, Native Americans, Underground Railroad, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights among others.
  • Essential Biography and Essential Information
    U.S. & World Biographies feature influential people in ‘Society and Social Reform.’
  • World Book Student
    Search World Book, view ‘Current Events’ and ‘Biography Center’ or ‘Browse by Subject’ – Society – Social relations.
     Grades 7-12 & College
  • eLibrary
    Enter search terms to retrieve full text books, magazines, journals, newspapers, photographs, transcripts and videos.
  • Issues and Controversies
    Learn pros & cons about various social issues. Check out ‘Recent Controversies’ for current topics that include background information, primary sources, discussion questions and more.
  • SIRS Issues Researcher
    ‘Leading Issues’ and ‘Trending Topics’ feature current issues with opposing viewpoints, critical questions, timelines and links to resources. Download the Research Guide for the Critical Thinker to help learners navigate the research and critical thinking process.
  • Teen Health & Wellness
    Geared toward teens, young adults and new adults. ‘Diversity’ highlights Diversity and Multiculturalism, Hate Crimes, Racism, LGBTQ+ and other social issues. See also links to ‘Family Life,’ ‘Safety,’ ‘Skills for School Work, and Life’ plus Hotlines for Help.
  • World Book Advanced
    Search World Book, view ‘In the Headlines’ and ‘Behind the Headlines’ for current events, history, people, race relations and more. See also ‘Most Popular Tags.’


 Ukraine Resources

Learn about Ukraine, read current news and consider ways to support the people of Ukraine.

    CultureGrams (ProQuest)

  • Link to Kids Edition for students
  • World Edition - Search Ukraine
  • Learn about Ukraine's history, the people, customs, government, economy and more
  • Audio recordings include the National Anthem


  • Click Hot Topics to link to Current Events
  • Enter keyword Ukraine to read national media coverage


 Media Links: How to Help

 Other Library Services

  • Book suggestions featuring diverse topics, movements and characters for all ages
  • Materials for curriculum connections for students and teachers
  • Library programs, book reviews, book talks and discussion groups for all ages

    Note - This is an archive and ongoing landing page for resources that are free for learners of various ages. This site is not meant to be an exhaustive list that adequately reflects the diversity in our community. It is not a comprehensive view of BPL resources either. Omission of any ethnicity, race or culture is unintentional. It should be considered a work-in-progress that gathers existing efforts that may be of interest to some patrons.

  • For more information about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Contact BPL.
  • For all database content, Authorized Users shall abide by the Copyright Act of 1976. Authorized Users may download or print limited copies of citations, abstracts, full text or portions thereof, provided the information is used solely in accordance with copyright law.
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