Checkout Materials

A patron's account must be current, in good standing and have less than $10.00 in accumulated fees to checkout materials.  Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their accounts.  If you have questions or need assistance with materials, please contact BPL's Circulation Desk at 479-271-3192 or email

Library patrons are allowed to checkout 40 items from Bentonville Library, plus 5 items from our Library2Go! downloadable content.  Please refer to checkout terms, renewal times and methods below.

Loan Periods & Renewals:  At-a-Glance

Type of Material

Checkout Period

Maximum Renewals Allowed

Renewal Methods

Books (including New Releases), Audiobooks, Magazines, Playaways, CDROMs

3 weeks


Phone, in person, online, mobile app

DVDs, Music  CDs, Tabletop Games

1 week


Phone, in person, online, mobile app

Downloadable ebooks & audiobooks

2 weeks


None, early returns allowed

Downloadable videos 1 week  0 None

Downloadable music




Reference Materials, including Genealogy and Local History

0 - non-circulating materials/ cannot be checked out



Special Collection Materials




-American Girl Doll Kits 1 week- limit 1 per household  0 None

-Book Club Kits

6 weeks- limit 2 per household








0-non-circulating materials/ cannot be checked out



-iPads 1 week- limit 1 per household 0



1 week- limit 1 per household




Bentonville Public Library has two designated return areas:
-Inside the Library's main entrance
-Exterior drive-thru located at the east wing of the building
The return locations will automatically check-in your items, removing them from your account.

eBooks & Downloads

Bentonville Public Library participates in a cooperative consortium with 13 other public libraries in our region to provide eBooks and downloadable media.  Dubbed Library2Go!, the online service is easy to use, including a free mobile app through Overdrive.  To learn more about this service, click here.

Fines & Fees

Bentonville Public Library is committed to providing quality services, with minimal costs to our patrons.  However, library staff are also committed to protecting the investment of our materials and will pass associated costs along to patrons, when necessary.  For example, BPL charges overdue fines, cost recovery fees for damaged items and special services. Patrons owing the Library outstanding fines/fees may be subject to a $10.00 administrative cost-recovery fee that is non-negotiable, and non-refundable, if the account is submitted to a collection agency. Library Administration and the Bentonville Library Advisory Board review and approve fees and fines, as necessary. The Library’s fee and fine schedule is approved periodically through a city ordinance.

Fees & Fines: At-a-Glance

Cost Recovery Fees

Description of Service


Non-Resident library card; annual fee


Library card replacement

$ .15 per page

Photocopy/print in black & white

$ .30 per page

Photocopy/print in color


Interlibrary Loan request (ILL); per request


Technology services for meeting rooms such as teleconference or laptop; cost per day per use/group


Long Overdue / Administration Fee - only applicable if an overdue account is sent to a collection company



Fee for technology returned to the book drops


Miscellaneous items for sale, cost recovery fees such as book bags, batteries, ear buds, discs, etc.


Cleaning/repair fees or reservation deposits for meeting rooms may be required; such fees are at the library director's discretion.


Library Fines

Description of Service

$ .10 each day  -  $2.00 limit

Overdue fine for all materials; per item

$5.00 Damage/processing fee

Damaged:  Item repairable; per item
For example:  lost video case, books with writing damage, chewed corners, damaged binding, etc.

Multi-part items:  Replacement cost per section
For example, missing disc in audiobook.

Purchase price (or) equivalent
Plus $5.00 processing fee
Plus overdue fine, if applicable

Lost or Damaged:  Item non-usable; per item
Includes water and mold damage.


Suspension of Borrowing & Computer Privileges

$10.00 maximum fines and fees; per individual.  $50.00 maximum fines and fees to all cardholders living at the same address.  "Same address" suspensions are at the discretion of the Library Director.


Annual Library Card Renewal

All fines and fees must be paid in total at time of annual library card renewal.

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